Kenshi leather armor

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Mercenary Leather Armour

Kenshi Store Page. Global Achievements. Showing 1 - 11 of 11 comments. Muscarine View Profile View Posts. Imagine it goes like this : SMG small caliber to semi auto rifle up to. Arguably at max stats you'll do better on an Eagle's Cross if all you're looking for is just what's strongest. Personally i favor the OldBow MKI which is right in the middle in terms of fire rate, range and damage. For example the game says MKII is an improvement, but MKII comes with slower fire rate, and one of the advantages of crossbows is the stun that comes with each bolt hits on humanoids.

Only the spring bat i find a bit weird but afaik it does great armor piercing. Fatbill View Profile View Posts. I went from toothpick master quality to old bow mkII specialist and then master quality and keep the Eagle's Cross for boss and leviathan fights.

Toothpick is good for leveling up, because of the fast speed and large number of bolts per bundle. As to armor, I use leather armor master quality plus leather turtleneck on both of my archers. Your archers will sometimes have to fight melee, and having no armor or just a dustcoat or something light is not enough. I am happy to trade the small crossbow skills hit for the added protection. Some people do otherwise, and just kite the targets and keep shooting. But I run my archers as part of the normal group.

Last edited by Fatbill ; 5 Dec, pm. Toothpick is best for training. For fighting I stick with MkII, strongest bow which still use regular bolts which is resonably cheap and compact and quite common in my mod setting. I don't really pull out an eagle cross though. I've found that MkII did its work well enough and I'm too lazy to manage long bolt logistic on top of regular bolts. I tend to use ranger or oldworld bow mk 1 as the trainer, the accuracy of the toothpick really annoyed me.

Then once you get up somewhat high switch over to oldworld mk 2. In my experience eagle's cross is overkill unless you're going to the southeast or hunting leviathans in the NW, and is much slower to reload than the OWB2.

Spring Bat feels like it's been left out, as like the eagle's cross it uses it's own type of ammo though it doesn't shine well enough in what it's supposed to be the best at, that is short-range hard-hitting bolts. As such it doesn't get any use from me. And yes armor is important, especially good pieces. Grey, white and even blue somewhat aren't that impressive.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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kenshi leather armor

Kenshi Store Page. Global Achievements. I'd like my farms and everyone to wear something more than just cloth.

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I was told sabers are really good against humans and thats mostly what I fight. I'm in the area to the hub so I have access to all those towns. What are some blueprints I need to stock up on Thanks! Showing 1 - 15 of 17 comments. Baneling View Profile View Posts. Greb View Profile View Posts. Early on you'll probably be fighting low armour opponents such as Dust Bandits and Hungry Bandits and the like, where cutting damage is probably best.

Guardless Katana for the attack bonus, Foreign Sabre for the defence bonus or everyones favourite Desert Sabre for its attack bonuses against evil beasties. In the mid-game? I'd probably start using a Nodachi or a Naginata for the reach and big sweeping attacks that can hit multiple opponents. They're kind of like training weapons until you characters are strong enough for heavy weapons.

Later on you'll want to start considering the bigger hitters, if you can carry them.

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I personally consider the Falling Sun the best weapon in the game, since its top version in Meitou grade has something like 2. Also, getting your hands on the Meitou Fragment Axe requires you to KO through combat - good luck with that - or assassination the leader of the Shek faction who has diplomatic status, whereas getting the Meitou Falling Sun you have to defeat or assassinate KO someone found in a very dangerous location, protected by soldiers.

So yeah. Really heavy weapons though, so you might want to wait until you have a good amount of Strength before trying to use them, plus the higher your Strength the faster you can swing them. Heavy weapons are amazing for destroying groups of enemies, which tends to be the biggest threat of all especially in the late game. Honestly though, it's probably better to specialise rather than generalise and keep swapping out weapons.In the nightmarish world of Kenshi there is a limit to how much the player can accomplish on his or her own.

Those who want to advance further in the game and carve out their own empire will need to farm out some of those responsibilities by hiring recruits. Each recruit type has its own advantages, but they can also introduce significant problems, and it's up to the player to decide on the most appropriate course of action.

Then there are Unique recruits, these being non-generic recruits with one-of-a-kind dialogue and better than average stat who will only ever appear once in a given game. While there are a lot of unique recruits—more than 40 at the time of this article—here are the ten most interesting in the game. Agnu is unique in that it is the only unique Soldierbot recruit that can be hired by the player. Its metallic body is clothed by a blue skirt and it has basic skills in lots of different things making it an adaptable recruit to build in any direction.

It does have one significant downside; Agnu does not possess the ability to speak. Stubs is an interesting human recruit who wears shoddy leather armor and metal sunglasses. What makes him unique is that he struggles with communication, often mispronouncing words.

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This triggers a unique set of dialogue that can be pretty funny. A member of the insect-like Hive race, Ray is a slave owned by Bar Fly who is more than happy to sell him off. Ray apparently has a very feisty and fierce nature, which may have been the reason his previous owner cut out his tongue.

The two were making their way to Mongrel when they were apparently attacked by the Fogmen and her brother was killed. Miu has a dark past as a former slave who escaped with her friend Ned.

Griffin is a unique recruit in that he firmly believes the player is the chosen one. He claims that he had a vision from The Lord of Light who showed him a wealthy traveler that would help him understand the truth behind an apocalyptic event known as the First Extinction.

Reva is perhaps a polar opposite of Griffin in that she openly despises the Holy Nation and believes the God of Light does not exist. She was trained as a Flotsam Ninja but was prevented from progressing further because of her significant anger issues. Another member of the Hive race, Silvershade was a former Hive Prince—the right hand to a Hive Queen—but has become hiveless for unknown reasons.

Perhaps it was the death of his queen or a failure on his part that led to his exile, but he now lives in noisy bars to suppress his loneliness at no longer having a hive to call his own. Paying the agreed amount gets him out of debt, and he becomes a loyal recruit. He is skilled all around, making him a useful and interesting recruit to bring along.

Bo is a hardcore member of the Anti-Slavers, a faction devoted to liberating slaves and eradicating slavery. With her black outfit and dark hood, she makes for an imposing figure.

She commands such respect that she can recruit squads of Anti-Slavers that players come across to guard them and their squad for three days. This fierce character is both interesting and incredibly useful to have around. Unlike all the other recruits that are humanoid and possess human-like intelligence, Cornelius is a humble animal with a fierce horned skull.

This simple goat is proficient in hacking, wielding swords, manning turrets, and can act as a field medic. This makes him the most interesting recruit in the game by far.

Share Tweet Email 0. Related Topics Lists Steam.Kenshi categorizes Armour into four different categories, depending on damage resistance and skill multipliers.

Clothing is equipment which does not have armour coverage. Clothing is generally worn by civilians. Wearing clothing can be advantageous for keeping a character's "looks like a slave" rating low when escaping from Slavery.

Some clothing has bonuses specifically for Martial Arts. Light Armour is likely to have bonuses to Combat Stats. Light armour is preferred by players who prioritize the attack, dodge, and block speeds of their characters.

kenshi leather armor

Medium Armour offers more coverage than light armour and less than heavy armour, but without the latter's skill penalties. Heavy Armour is armour which weighs a lot. Heavy Armour offers the most armour coverage, but also has negative effects on stats. The penalties caused by this type of armour make battles more difficult and therefore allow characters to level up faster in combat stats.

This armour is favored by high level military members and tanks. Because heavier armour is likely to have penalties to Dexteritycharacters using cutting weapons should avoid it. To learn more about how the stats on certain equipment will affect your characters in battle, read our page on Resistances and our Guide to Equipment.

Some types of armour can have a colour variance, mostly dependent on the faction that wears it. Armour with these colour variations can be obtained through looting characters from these factions. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video?

kenshi leather armor

Armour is a selection of equipment worn on various parts of the body to mitigate damage. It can be worn on five different parts of the body. Armour can be made by the player through the skill Armour Smithpurchased from Tradersor looted from characters.

kenshi leather armor

Clothing Clothing is equipment which does not have armour coverage. Medium Armour Medium Armour offers more coverage than light armour and less than heavy armour, but without the latter's skill penalties. Heavy Armour Heavy Armour is armour which weighs a lot. Mechanics To learn more about how the stats on certain equipment will affect your characters in battle, read our page on Resistances and our Guide to Equipment.

Colour Scheme Some types of armour can have a colour variance, mostly dependent on the faction that wears it. Categories :. Cancel Save.

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There is no armour against fate; death lays his icy hands on kings.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Kenshi Store Page. Global Achievements.

I was wondering what everyone thinks is the best armor? And which armors do you mostly use and why?

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My personal favorite is the Police uniform. It has good defensive stats and very few negative combat modifiers. My way of getting them is to lure bandit groups repeatedly until a Police gets knocked unconscious, then I swap clothes with him :o. Showing 1 - 15 of 18 comments. Ninja rags the ones with combat bonuses with straw hat and sandels.

And whatever pants I can find that don't penalize speed. Hakun View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Hakun ; 21 Jan, am. Drakken View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Drakken ; 21 Jan, am.

Why no assassins rags then? Originally posted by drakken22 :. Tolwrath View Profile View Posts. Obviously the best armors are the cheongsam, bikini, racing swimsuit, and western cowgirl armor. Unfortunately those aren't in the game yet. So far the only armor I like the appearance of is the chainmail. Other decent looking items I've seen are the bandit rags, the ninja garb if it didn't have the neck parttrader's leather, and the white tank top dunno if that's available in other colors.

To be perfectly fair though, I haven't tried all the armors and clothes available in shops yet. To actually answer your question: it's more than likely something you craft, but would only put on just before combat due to its negative impact on athletics current bugs aside.

Ya, I have been noticing how it seems people don't really like the heavy armor. Maybe if more people chim in Chris might tweak the values a bit to make it more worthwhile to have such heavy armor. Derp View Profile View Posts. I think I may not be the best to answer you I do not wear armor. I wear clothes with no bonuses or armor.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Medium Armour

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Kenshi Store Page. Global Achievements. Serific View Profile View Posts. Found a couple decent leather based armor blueprints but being still completely new to the game I can't seem to figure out how to actually go ahead and craft these armors that I've researched.

After doing some googling I found that you need something called a Leather Armor Crafting Bench but even after another hour of scouring the internet I still haven't managed to find out how it is I can build one of these leather crafting benches. If someone could help me out with this I'd be really grateful.

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 comments. You can build a research bench right now, but you may need a level 2, dunno. Start researching. Originally posted by happy :. Originally posted by Serific :. Shidan View Profile View Posts. There is a tech level 2 technology called "Leather Armour Crafting" that unlocks the ability to build the bench.

Once you've built that bench you can craft any leather armour and clothing you've found the blueprints for. Originally posted by Shidan :. As I said, it is tech level 2. So if you haven't unlocked that it won't be available yet.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Kenshi Store Page. Global Achievements.

Or if it's moreso just for the asthetics. Showing 1 - 15 of 37 comments. Dezze View Profile View Posts. Athletics is a big advantage. Zombiedragon View Profile View Posts. Heavy armor sucks. Like, I legitimately cannot find a reason to use heavy armor over medium armor, aside from maybe armor coverage amount.

It would seem that higher harpoon resistance of heavy armor would make it better for storming fortified camps.

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Although, being slowed down might mean you take more hits It's probably something that should be tested Aereto View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by HermitFrog :. Asche View Profile View Posts. They work wonders for my balanced main fighter, what the armor doesn't protect he covers it with his sword, which wouldn't be possible with that disgusting combat speed penalty of samurai armor and mercenary plate, for pants i'll go drifter until they add decent medium armored pants, plate boots.

Joonyah View Profile View Posts. Taking 3 damage instead of 80 is exactly "allowing noobs to fight properly". Noobs are not meant to be able to go out and fight anything with any skill. At all. So for you to find a way to reduce damage that much, I say Bravo! You're kicking butt in your own way. Kenshi is a different flavor of game. Low level characters are simply not skilled enough to go out and perform full on combat with qualified enemies.

It's part of the design of the game that lower level chars will have to flee from a lot of combat early on.


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